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Phoenix Rising

Rebirth, Redemption & Revenge

Online! April 17, 2021

A moving montage of our most iconic characters in their profoundest of moments performed by your favorite actors. Showcasing the past, present and future of Carnival Girls Productions...the Phoenix is Rising!

Written by Christie Perfetti Williams

Directed by Charmaine Broad & Laura Killeen

Produced by Charmaine Broad, Laura Killeen

& Christie Perfetti Williams

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Hathaway Emond, Technical Director: Sergio Maggiolo, Graphic Designer: Rebekah Whitmore

Featuring: Jane Aquilina, Sheila Joon Azim, Anissa Barbato, Charmaine Broad, Rosina Fernhoff, Lori Funk, Pilar Gonzalez, Stephanie Johnson, Zarra Kaahn, Laura Killeen, Deborah Long, Martha Madison, Arlene A. McGruder, Elizabeth Pitman Gretter, Galit Messman, Samm Vella, Stephanie Anne Vitolo

Online! October 19 - 23, 2020

A sixty second online festival celebrating the work of Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color, presented by Carnival Girls Productions and produced by Arlene A. McGruder and

Christie Perfetti Williams. Featuring:

Monday: Unwatered - Shania Spence, Melissa Jean-Charles

Tuesday: Fruition - Pilar Gonzalez, Kat Peña, Germainne LeBron

Wednesday: Covid-19 MEMBAGAIN!!! Never Forget!!! - Khemali Murray

Thursday: Embracing 2020 - KK LeuamChampassak


The Magazine 

Staged Reading 

October 28, 2019

Join The Workshop Theatre for a staged reading of The Magazine by Christie Perfetti Williams as part of our Pen to Paper Series on Monday October 28th!

Directed by Matilda Szydagis and Featuring CK Allen, #RosinaFernhoff*, Lori Funk*, Richard Kent Green *, Arlene A. McGruder, #ZoeScott and Tony Travostino

Past Events: Past Events

Original Works by Carnival Girls Productions

  • Phoenix Rising: Rebirth, Redemption & Revenge, April 2021​

  • Carny Cuts Film Fest, October 2020

  • The Werewolf of Washington Heights, October 2017​​​

  • The Quickening @ Sideshow - 2013, NYC, November 2013​

  • Mary of New York @ Sideshow - 2012, NYC, November 2012​​​

  • No Fault: A Tale about the Big D in the Big Apple @ NYC Fringe Fest, August, 2011​

  • Our Beds Are Crowded - Seven Short Plays about Love, Fear and Sex, June 2010​

  • Cora: Streetwalker, October 2008​

  • White Paper, September 2007​

  • Blood Turnip, March 2007​

  • Pretty Debris, August 2006​

  • Regular Coffee, August 2006​

  • Kings Highway, August 2005​

  • Carnival Girls, July/August 2004

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